Introducing Angus’ K&L – 2″ and 3” High Flow LACT Divert Valve


The Angus K&L Hi-Flo 2″ and 3″ Globe style LACT Divert Valve has 50% more flow rate capacity than a standard 2″ or 3” Globe style LACT Divert Valve with no conversion kit or special actuator needed.  

Less DP across the valve creates savings on operating costs by reducing the charge motor’s horsepower while increasing product throughput more than 30% on both the 2″ and 3″ valves.  Our 3″ High Capacity Valves come standard with a Carbon Steel Body and Stainless Steel internals for full 150 ANSI rated service. The Angus K&L 2″ and 3” High Flow Divert LACT valves have the Exact Same face to face and center-line to bottom dimensions as standard 2″ and 3” Diverts and uses the same ASCO H31 hydro-motor top works. 

We stock complete Valves and Spare Parts at Angus Measurement and have qualified sales and technicians standing by to help with any questions. 


User Advantages:

  • ASCO Hydro-motors with full factory warranties and support
  • Drop in replacement for 2″ or 3” 3 way Globe Style Divert Valves
  • On the shelf replacement actuator Pump kits and Valve Repair Kits
  • One source responsibility, Angus, for complete Assembly
  • Hydro and Bench cycle Test for First Time no hassle field installation
  • Off the shelf deliveries in most cases