Angus LSS-4100 Liquid Sample Systems

Angus Measurement Services, LP crude oil sampling systems and products are designed and manufactured, drawing on years of experience in crude oil sampling.

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The Angus LSS-4100 Sample Circulation System are designed to meet or exceed industry standards, API Chapter 8, Section 2, ISO 3171, ASTM & IP6.2

The Angus LSS-4100 Liquid Sample Systems allows operators and field personnel to safely store and mix crude oil in either single or multiple containers.  Our standard Sample Systems are available from 10 to 30 gallon capacities, in 5 gallon increments. Larger sizes can be provided for longer sampling periods.  The sample pot and structural skid is constructed of carbon steel. All tubing is 316 stainless steel. To keep costs low, the valves and fittings are carbon steel with an option for 316 stainless steel. The closure mechanism is a K & L o-ring sealed lid with a reverse bevel to help eliminate debris from accidentally entering the container and contaminating the product. No tools are required to open the closure on the container.

We internally coat each sample pot with a Corvel coating and epoxy paint all external surfaces.  We do have an option for an external primer coat only.

The standard sampling systems are rated for 60 psig.  The Angus LSS-4100 Liquid Sample System is designed to allow proper mixing by incorporating an internal spray bar that washes the side walls and circulates the fluid on the bottom of the container to eliminate product residue, thus insuring that a representative fluid sample is delivered. The circulation systems is suited for use on LACT / ACT units, as well as, Production Sampling.

The LSS4100 is skid mounted with an electric pump for circulating and mixing the product. The system incorporates 1” 316 s.s. tube and fittings with an inline static mixer to insure a quality mix is provided.

Angus Measurement Services, will also rebuild existing sample systems, bringing them up to current API standards.  We also can provide indivisual components, as well as the entire sample system.