Angus Operations is a Direct Factory Product Representatives for:

Franklin Valve, LP

To accommodate customer requests, Franklin Valve made the decision to design and cast its own valve line and make it totally interchangeable with the proven design of the General Twin Seal® “800” Series Valve; with a few improvements in the trim design.

Angus Measurement Services stocks 2″ thru 6″, 150# and 300# ANSI Franklin DuraSeal™ High Integrity Double Block and Bleed Valves.

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  A Franklin valve

Fire Test Report  Download FIRE TEST REPORT

On December 13, 2008 a Franklin 10 Inch Class 150 DuraSeal Double Block and Bleed Plug Valve was fire tested by Yarmouth Research and Technology. The fire testing was conducted in accordance to the guidelines and specifications set forth in the API Standard 6FA, Third Edition, April 1999 “Specification for Fire Testing of Valves.” The DuraSeal passed the testing. The actual test documentation can be found in the PDF document on this same page.