Custody Transfer Systems:

Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT)and Pipeline Measurement Systems

Angus Measurement Services, LP is the industry leader of high quality, Coriolis based, Custody Transfer Measurement Systems.

Crude Oil and Natural Gas Liquids

We provide the simplest and most effective methods for transferring liquid hydrocarbons. Our measurement systems provide unattended measurement with system accuracy of of 0.25% or better.

Reduce Measurement Uncertainty

LACT system measurement eliminates the need for many manual processes

        • With a LACT, you eliminate the need to witness each transfer. This reduces manpower and moves the burden of accurate measurement from the transporter to the measurement skid. This also reduces human exposure to potentially harmful environments.
        • LACT systems are proven monthly giving very high reliability of volumes sold, thus reducing measurement uncertainty
          • Metering gives you verifiable accuracy, diminishing concerns of poor or unreliable measurement
          • Automated composite of S&W samples vs the reliance on manually taken hand entered samples
          • Automated temperature compensation vs manually observing temperature and then calculating corrected volumes
        • LACT systems allow for the ability to automatically (no human interaction) circulate a high BS&W until the oil is merchantable. This results in more loads transported, as well as, fewer loads rejected. Notification capabilities are available
        • Automated measurement systems eliminates the need for the verification of tank strapping tables and manual measurements for each transaction. The age, condition, and temperature calculations of the tank and/or the equipment used to take the measurements do not impact the accuracy of the custody transfer
        • With LACT systems as opposed to hand tickets there is back up for any disputes. I.e., density or temperature is input incorrectly the hand ticket must be disputed and resolved, if caught.
        • An automated ticket service can be integrated into the LACT, thus reducing errors and ticket cycle time.
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          Portable Trailer Mounted LACT

          Portable Trailer Mounted LACT