Contract Meter Proving Services

Angus Proving Services, LLC is a recognized leader in providing liquid hydrocarbon proving services.  Our prover operators have over 100 years of experience and a thorough understanding of custody transfer measurement.

Angus Proving Services LLC provides a portable fleet of volume provers, and other associated testing equipment that enables our qualified prover operators and service staff to prove or calibrate most liquid hydrocarbon meters in West, East and North Texas, Southeastern New Mexico, Oklahoma and surrounding areas.

Our fleet can handle volume flow rates from 40 Barrels per Hour to 1,400 Barrels per Hour.  We specialize in Coriolis and Positive Displacement meters. Additionally, meter maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting services are also available.

Angus Proving Services, LLC is committed to:

  • Making sure safety and maintaining a clean environment is our 1st priority.  All of our field personnel up to date on all safety and compliance training, including,  ISNetworld,  SafeLand, PICS, TWIC, and OSHA
  •  Providing reliable scheduling and professional data reporting

 Please contact our office to schedule:

  •  Office (325) 575-3112

  • Fax      (325) 573-0990