Angus Measurement Services manufactured “Retro- Fit” kits are designed to allow customers to easily replace their existing PD meter technology with Coriolis meters, usually without any piping modifications.

Retro-Fit Kits are available in any size. Angus Measurement Services inventories:

  • 2” 150 ANSI to 600 ANSI
  • 3” 150 ANSI to 600 ANSIRetro Fit Kit
  • 4” 150 ANSI to 600 ANSI

   As a standard retro-fit kits are:

    • 100% X-ray
    • 4 hours hydro testing
    • Sand blasted and primed
    • Comes with flange bolts/with flex gaskets
    • Drain(s) optional

While our Retro- Fit Kits were primarily designed to replace PD meters with Coriolis meters, customers are increasingly using Angus manufactured Retro-Fit kits to replace a wide range of flow technologies, to Coriolis meters, without incurring expensive piping changes and significantly reducing down time.


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