Angus AVR-8 SG Volume Regulator

The Angus Model AVR-8, and AVR-8-SG are adjustable, diaphragm type, positive displacement sample regulating devices that are designed to collect a precise amount of fluid each time a solenoid valve is actuated. The unit is preset to deliver an 8 cc volume. However, the volume regulator can be adjusted from 0 to 8cc’s

We offer the volume regulator with or  without the sight glass.  The sight glass option allows for the user to have a visual confirmation that the sample volume is being delivered.  Additionally, the sight glass can be used as a troubleshooting diagnostic to pinpoint sampling problems.

When a LACT unit is in operation, the sampler (which typically consists of a small piece of pipe or tubing with a beveled end that is inserted horizontally through the LACT pipe wall) is connected to a small solenoid-operated valve which periodically opens for a short time to permit the line pressure to force a small amount of fluid through the tubing and solenoid valve into the sample regulator.   The line pressure compresses the regulator’s diaphragm load assembly to the precisely calibrated volume of crude oil, i.e., 8 cc’s.  As soon as the sampler solenoid is de-energized, the trapped fluid, under pressure, in the volume regulator is injected into the sample container using both the fluid trapped pressure and the spring loaded diaphragm.   This cycle then repeats.

We sell the Angus Model AVR-8, and AVR-8-SG separately or as a complete Volume Regulator and Probe assembly as shown below.


olume Regulator and Probe Assembly

Volume Regulator and Probe Assembly