Truck Transport Loading

Our transport loading systems are designed to provide completely assembled and tested, driver attended, automatic metering stations capable of loading one or more products into a multiple component transport. We also handle single transport systems, with simultaneous loading of one or more products, with independent sales meters. All skids are custom fabricated and available with a wide variety of options.

Trailer Belly Mounted Unit

Normal procedure for custody transfer of oil from lease tanks requires the driver to manually gauge the producer’s storage tank to determine the level of the oil in the tank, to measure the oil temperature and to pull a sample to determine the oil gravity and water content. This procedure requires the driver to climb to the top of the tank where exposure to H2S poisoning or injury from falling from the tank is an extreme risk.

With safety in mind, the Angus Measurement Services Truck Mounted Measurement System was designed to keep the driver off the tank. The measurement system components are mounted beneath the belly of the transport truck or behind the tractor and a flow computer with display, keypad and ticket printer are inside the cab.

Typical Truck LACT Display

The system components are a flow meter, divert valve, air eliminator, sample system, and temperature probe.

At the heart of the measurement system is a Coriolis meter. This meter is a multivariable measurement device capable of indicating mass, volume, temperature and API gravity. There are no moving parts and it has been proven that this meter can maintain long term accuracy in this highly rugged situation.

The meter information is gathered by PLC to the laptop mounted cab computer. This computer displays gross metered volume, current temperature and gravity, and average temperature and gravity.

In addition to the critical issue of safety, there are other benefits of this system for both the oil producer and for the oil transporter. The time spent at each lease is greatly reduced therefore the driver can gather more oil per day.

Tractor Mounted Unit

At leases where regulations require an extra person (buddy system) due to the high H2S environment, the need for this costly additional person may be eliminated. With total volume sampling, fewer loads are rejected as water content is analyzed for the entire load and not from spot samples. Knowledge of the precise weight of the oil loaded allows the truck to be loaded to its maximum allowable weight limit within DOT restrictions. Temperature and gravity measurements are made continuously during the loading process and therefore can more accurately determine net volume of oil loaded. There are no adjustments made to the measurement such as those utilized to estimate error for tank incrustation. Finally, human error does not affect the accuracy of the measurement or the information provided on the load ticket

Key Benefits include:


  • Eliminates manual sampling
  • Keeps driver off tank
    • Reduces risk of personal injury/accidents by towering activity around lease area
    • Reduces risk of exposure to poisonous H2S gas
  • Protects against overfill
    • Monitors gross volume and alarms at user-selectable maximum truck capacity


  • Speeds up the loading time with on-line measurement
  • Eliminates heed for extra person (buddy system) at high H2S leases
  • Reduces number of turn downs with total volume sampling
  • Eliminates tank adjustments
  • Reduces time and eliminates error with electronic ticket printing
    • Electronic data archival for verification
    • Automatic loading and measuring
  • Optimizes load capacity to DOT regulations thus providing cost savings on truck operation
    • Monitors load weight and signals on user-entered maximum weight capacity


  • Metering technology provides sustained accuracy
    • Allows meter proving with industry standard field provers
  • Volume is calculated from measurements of temperature and gravity which are updated 10 times per second throughout the load
  • Simultaneous on-line measurement of gross volume, net volume, temperature, density and mass
    • Eliminates human error in sampling and traditional hand-gauging
    • Eliminates correction of gauge readings for tank incrustation
    • Provides information which determines merchantable oil
    • Load tickets are electronically printed