Automation users, vendors, and industry consultants agree: the control system for the digital revolution must be open, secure and powerful. With over 100 patents to date, only Bedrock Open Secure Automation (OSA®) meets all these criteria today with breakthrough innovation delivering industry-leading open                                                                                           control, cyber security and performance that saves customers                                                                                   time and money.

Angus Operations is proud to be Bedrock Automation’s direct Sales Channel Representative for the award-winning automation platform called Open Secure Automation (OSA®). Our territory includes Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico for the Upstream and Midstream Oil & Gas Market                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Learn more about Open Secure Automation for Everyone, including breakthrough ICS performance and economy with extreme cyber security built in.  Use this LINK to obtain information on support, BEDROCK’s free training and BEDROCK’s complete portfolio of products.



Welcome to the School of Bedrock! – ( Here, we offer free online training courses to learn the basics of Bedrock Open Secure Automaton for initial certification. These online courses cover a lot of ground, from an introduction to our intrinsically cyber secure hardware platform and free IEC 61131 software environment to some of our advanced capabilities and more. Go at your own pace and enjoy learning how Open Secure Automation works to improve efficiency, performance, and cost.  Please register or log-in to get started.  

What would it take to design a control system strong enough for today’s security threats? Find out with the revolutionary secure industrial automation system from Bedrock Automation. To learn more about Open Secure Automation visit: