Who We Are:

Angus Measurement Services, LP is the industry leader of high quality measurement systems.  We are a Measurement Company that specializes in the fabrication of Liquid Hydrocarbon Custody and Allocation Measurement Systems.


Our measurement systems include Pipeline, ACT (automatic custody transfer), LACT (lease automatic custody transfer), truck loading / unloading, as well as sampling systems.  We specialize in the measurement of  liquid hydrocarbons, including Crude Oil, Natural Gas Liquids and Products.  We have been providing industry leading flow technologies, innovative measurement, and flow automation products, and services since 1998.

Angus Measurement Services, LP is the Direct Factory Representative for Micro Motion and Rosemount Flow products and Services in West Texas / Southeastern New Mexico, North Texas and Oklahoma for the Upstream and Midstream Oil and Gas market.

Angus Measurement Services is also the Direct Factory Representative for Daniel Measurement and Control’s liquid products and services for the Permian Basin, including West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico.

Angus Measurement Services – Recent News:

Angus Measurement Services has completed the Odessa, Texas Facility. This comes with celebrating our 25th Anniversary serving our customers. The 72,000 sq. ft expansion increases our manufacturing and fabrication capacity and gives Angus Measurement Services the additional capabilities to repair, rebuild and to service measurement devises.

We have now moved into our 15,000 sq ft Oklahoma City facility allowing for our continued growth in Oklahoma and North Texas. Angus Proving Services now has a base for expansion of our LACT Services and Liquid Hydrocarbon Proving capabilities.

Angus Management Services is Emerson Process Management’s Oil and Gas factory direct sales channel for Micro Motion and Rosemount Flow products. As well, Daniel Measurement and Control Liquid products (a part of Emerson Process Management’s business units), has appointed Angus Measurement Services as direct sale channel for their liquid products and services for West Texas, New Mexico, Southwest Colorado and Eastern Arizona. Our customers will benefit by having highly valued measurement solutions with cost effect services.

Rosemount Analytical is the leader in Gas Process and Natural Gas Chromatograph Industry and has appointed Angus Measurement Services as Direct Sales Channel for the Danalyzer line of gas chromatographs, servicing the natural gas and the gas processing markets.

Angus Measurement Services introduces Angus’s K&L3 High Flow Divert LACT unit valve which will provide 50% more flow rate than the standard 3″Globe style LACT Divert Valve. Qualified technicians are here to assist you!

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to provide customers with highly valued measurement solutions that incorporate industry leading flow technologies, innovative measurement and flow automation products, as well as, services that consistently exceed customer expectations in quality and performance.

Angus Measurement’s Critical Strategies:

  • Advance our solutions leadership
  • Drive product adoption
  • Achieve operational excellence
  • “Think Customer” – Continuously Improve the customer’s experience
  • Develop our people
  • Do all things in a safe and ethical manner